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Political Science Study Guide3 - Political Science Study...

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Political Science Study Guide: Test One Chapter One: Government, Politics, and the Policymaking Process Difference between Government and Politics o Government- sys or organization for exercising authority over a body of people "power to make and enforce laws’ "the state and its administration viewed as the ruling political power (defined in book) Instrument for choosing means by which to lead a country as one Size varies from tribe to federal level o Politics- def as who gets what, when, and how; a process of determine how power and resources are distributed in a society without recourse to violence. Politics arranges our lives into some kind of social order How power is managed. Must be legitimate or there will be violence. Composition of Political System What is Public Policy? o Response or lack of government officials to an issue Government policies can take the form of: laws, executive orders, regulations, court decisions, or no actions at all- PRODUCT OF GOVERNMENT "Public Policy" Public Policy Approach o How we study government and politics o A comprehensive method for studying the process thru which issues come to the attention of government and decision-makers and through which policies are formulated, adopted, implemented, and evaluated. Components (Stages) of the Policy Making o Agenda Building Defined in Book Competing interests Framing Defined in book On Agenda o Policy Formation Who participates in policy formulation? Government officials Individuals and groups outside of government o Policy Adoption Defined o Policy Implementation Policies carried out Clarification
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o Policy Evaluation Evaluation can be either: Normative Analysis- a method of study that is based on certain values Empirical Analysis- method of study which relies on experience and scientific observation Was the policy successful? Was the problem solved? Policymaking Environment o What? The complex of factors outside of government that has an impact either directly or indirectly on the policymaking process. o What affects Policy making? International Environment Nation's cultural Values, Customs, and Beliefs Increased visibility of people with disability creates a positive environment for adoption of the ADA. Size, Distribution, and Composition of the nation's population comprise the democratic environment Political Environment Political parties, interest groups, public opinion, and the individual participation by citizens US Constitution Sets legal ground rules for policy adaption and implementation Political Culture o What? Broadly shared values about how the government should function. o
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Political Science Study Guide3 - Political Science Study...

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