Technical Definition (ENC3254)

Technical Definition (ENC3254) - Technical Definition...

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Unformatted text preview: Technical Definition- Thermal Conductivity When breaking down the term you can get a good basic understanding of the meaning Thermal refers to temperature or heat (energy). Conductivity is maybe viewed as the transfer of energy from more energy to less energy of a substance because of interactions between particles. (Incropera, Dewitt, Bergman, & Lavine, 2007, pp. 3-4). Thermal Conductivity refers to the flow of heat energy through a material from a higher- to a lower temperature region. Thermal Conduction occurs by atomic or molecular interactions in the material, however it is only one of the three basic methods of heat transfer, the other two are thermal convection and thermal radiation (Giedt, 1984, p. 455). Thermal Conductivity is used in several fields of study. It is used mainly in physics and engineering, specifically materials and science engineering. It is important to know the Thermal conductivity of a specific material because it can help you decide if the material is an insulator (absorbs...
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Technical Definition (ENC3254) - Technical Definition...

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