history class 10-24 - France was organized into three...

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Today in class you missed our new assignment: "Short" essay due this Friday Explain with examples the four ideologies that become clearly identifiable during the first half of the 1800's He defined ideology to us as beliefs or ideas; a specific system of beliefs, or a package of ideas. Then we talked about two major ideologies today: Conservation vs. liberalism And Very conservative to moderate to very liberal And Republican vs. democratic Then for notes we talked about the French revelation "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times" - A tale of two cities Written after the French rev. By Dickenson The best of times were the times of enlightenment, Eurpoean expansion, and the surge of science The worst of times were of absolutism, constitutionalism, and monarchy
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Unformatted text preview: France was organized into three estates 1st: clergy- cardinals, bishops 2nd: nobility 3rd: everyone else Do not consider the classes as part of the "classes" Because there could be extremely poor nobility and semi rich nobility. Then we talked about the old regime aka ancient regime We looked at syllabus Pg 24 He gave us a sampling of the next exam (tentatively nov 3rd), which was a handout. We talked about those sample essay questions and moved on to napoleon French revelation started with the O.Regine- 1789- got more "radical/ violent" over the years Ends w/ absolutism (Neapolitan) We looked at spielvogel PG 346 primary document. Make sure you get that hand out about the exam. And the paper is due next class...
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history class 10-24 - France was organized into three...

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