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General Psychology Exam 1 Self-Review Foundations- Topic 1 1. What is the formal definition of psychology? 2. What role did physiology play in psychology’s history? 3. What did structuralism emphasize studying? 4. What technique involves reporting all your sensations and feelings about an object? 5. Which perspective of psychology emphasizes studying, learning, and outwardly observ ably behaviors? 6. What did Structuralists and functionalists agree on? 7. Which perspective focuses on mental processes? 8. What does evolutionary psychology emphasize? 9. Why is it important to take a cross-cultural perspective in psychology? 10. What contributed to the “cognitive revolution?” 11. What are their claims to fame? Wilhelm Wundt, Edward Titchener, William James, Mary Calkins, Margaret Floy Washburn, John Watson, and Sigmund Freud 12. What happened in 1879?
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Unformatted text preview: 13. Which specialty area in psychology stresses studying individual differences and what makes each of us unique? 14. What is the difference between descriptive research methods and experimental resear ch methods? 15. What is an advantage to surveys? Disadvantages? 16. What is the definition of a hypothesis? Is it the same as a theory? 17. What’s the difference between a correlation study and an experiment? 18. Can you give me three reasons why animals might be used in psychological research? 19. Are there rules for using animals in research? 20. Can you use deception in research? 21. What is the difference between an experimental group and a control group? Can you think of an example of a study that would use a control group? 22. Why would a research use a double-blind design?...
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