Topic 7--Life Span Development

Topic 7--Life Span Development - General Psychology, Dr....

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General Psychology, Dr. LeVasseur Topic 7 Life Span Development Life Span Development What is developmental psychology? 0. It’s the study of how people change physically, mentally, and socially throughout the course of their lives. 1. Developmental psychologists study 0. how multiple factors influence our development 0. Biological, environmental, social, cultural and behavioral factors Why study human development? 0. To understand who we are today as well as who we may become as we grow older. 1. We are all influenced by biology, environment, and social interactions; we’re all heading down a path that ends the same for all of us. 2. What determines the twists and turns in these paths that make each of us unique? What are the 8 basic stages of life? Nature-Nurture Debate 2. What is the relationship between heredity and environmental factors in determining development? 1. Interaction between heredity and environment (i.e., upbringing: parenting, physical surroundings, economic factors) Prenatal Development Genetics 1. DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) 2. Genes 3. Located on a rod-shaped structures called chromosomes 0. Each gene pertains to some characteristic like height, eye color, handedness. 1. Genes on 23 chromosomes from Mom paired with the genes on 23 chromosomes from Dad==100,000 pairs of genes 0. YOUR GENETIC BLUEPRINT! 0. 22 pairs are autosomes (determine most of your characteristics) 1. 1 pair are sex chromosomes 3. Pair of chromosomes = one from mom and one from dad 4. Ex) a gene for hair color on each chromosome; 2. if both genes are for brown hair, the person will have brown hair. 3. if both are for blond hair, the person’s hair will be blond 1
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General Psychology, Dr. LeVasseur Topic 7 4. What if one gene is for brown and one is for blond?? 5. Dominant gene 2. More active in influencing the trait 3. Will always be expressed (brown hair) 6. Recessive gene 4. Less active in influencing the trait and will only be expressed if they are paired with another less active gene 5. Fade into the background when paired with a more dominant gene 0. (blond hair is the most recessive hair color and will show up in a person’s hair color only if that person has a blond hair color gene from each parent) What about red hair? And how come some people have mixed hair color, like a strawberry blond? 5. polygenic inheritance Stages of Prenatal Development Conception: female becomes pregnant ovum and sperm unite in a process called fertilization 2. Germinal period 1. First 2 wks; single celled zygote with 46 chromosomes 3. Embryonic period 2. Weeks 3-8; multicellular embryo 0. amniotic sac 1. umbilical cord 2. placenta 3. Organs and major systems form; sex organs 4. By the end of 8 weeks, embryo is 1 inch long and has primitive eyes, nose, lips, teeth, arm and leg buds, a beating heart 5. Critical stage 4. Fetal period 6. 3 rd month: final and longest stage of development 7. By end of 3 rd mo, fetus can move its arms, legs, mouth, and head. 8.
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Topic 7--Life Span Development - General Psychology, Dr....

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