Topic 5--Memory - General Psychology Topic 5 Memory Memory...

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Topic 5: Memory 1 Memory Three Stages of Memory 0. Three memory stores that differ in function, capacity and duration Sensory Memory 0. Function—holds information long enough to be processed for basic physical characteristics 1. Capacity—large 0. can hold many items at once 2. Duration—very brief retention of images 1. .3 sec for visual info 2. 2 sec for auditory info Sensory Memory 3. Divided into two types: 0. iconic memory–visual information 1. echoic memory– auditory information 4. George Sperling Sensory Memory 1. Sensory memory forms automatically, without attention or interpretation 2. Attention is needed to transfer information to working memory Short-Term Memory 5. Function—conscious processing of information 3. where information is actively worked on 6. Capacity—limited (holds 7+/-2 items) 7. Duration—brief storage (about 30 seconds) Maintenance Rehearsal 3. Mental or verbal repetition of information allows information to remain in working memory longer than the usual 30 seconds Chunking 0. Grouping small bits of information into larger units of information 2. expands working memory load 1. Which is easier to remember? 3. 4 8 3 7 9 2 5 1 6 4. 483 792 516 Long-Term Memory 4. Once information passes from sensory to working memory, it can be encoded into long-term memory Long-Term Memory 8. Function—organizes and stores information 4. more passive form of storage than working memory 9. Unlimited capacity 10. Duration—thought by some to be permanent Long-Term Memory 5. Encoding—process that controls movement from working to long-term memory store 6. Retrieval—process that controls flow of information from long-term to working memory store Automatic vs. Effortful Encoding 2. Automatic processing 5. Unconscious encoding of information 6. Examples: 0. What did you eat for lunch today? 1. Was the last time you studied during the day or night? 1
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Topic 5--Memory - General Psychology Topic 5 Memory Memory...

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