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Project Report

Project Report - Breakfast GPA 1 Running Head THE...

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Breakfast GPA 1 Running Head: THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN BREAKFAST AND GPA The Relationship of Breakfast and GPA Brandon Herling Franklin & Marshall College
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Breakfast GPA 2 Abstract Past research has shown some connections between the eating of breakfast and brain function. Students at Franklin & Marshall College have access to breakfast foods. It is possible that there is a correlation between eating breakfast and performing well in classes. Students were surveyed at two locations central to campus life but not of an academic nature, responding to questions about breakfast habits and grade point average. This study showed no significant correlation between breakfast frequency and grade point average. Introduction Breakfast has long been portrayed as an important start to the day and having an impact on the performance of the brain. The brain is understood to run on carbohydrates and not on glycogen, so the brain needs new food to function correctly. A study by Benton and Jarvis (2007) studying the impact of breakfast on school between the frequency of breakfast consumption by students and their respective academic children, showed that a healthier breakfast improved memory and cognitive function in school aged children. A second study by Benton, Maconie, and Williams (2007) showed that children who ate a small breakfast spent significantly less time doing their work and focusing than children who ate a larger breakfast. This should carry over into college-aged students. This study will determine whether there is a positive correlation performance, determined by their grade point average. A study of Malaysian school children by Zaini, Lim, Low, and Harun (2005) also found a significant positive correlation between academic performance and eating breakfast.
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Project Report - Breakfast GPA 1 Running Head THE...

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