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Midterm Paper Assignment topics - HIS/RST 375 Jewish Views...

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HIS/RST 375 Jewish Views on Jesus Through the Ages Midterm Paper Assignment (Due in class on March 4 th ) : Choose from one of the following topics/questions to write on. Your essay needs to be 5-6 pages in length (double-spaced, 12-point font) and is due in class on Tuesday, March 4 th . (Papers under five full pages will be marked down; include page numbers). This is not a research assignment, and you only need to draw on assigned books, articles from eDisk, and class lectures/discussions. All sources used from class readings to lecture notes need to be properly cited (parenthetically or in foot/end notes) giving author’s last name and page #, or week of power point outline used. Any unattributed use of other people’s words or ideas— directly quoted or paraphrased—constitutes plagiarism and will result in disciplinary action. No e-mailed or late papers will be accepted without prior approval and a legitimate excuse. : This essay is meant to be an exercise in carefully analyzing and interpreting complex religious texts. Include your own original insights as well as the basic historical background and prevailing theories we have encountered concerning how to understand these texts. The essay is to be more formal in format and style than your weekly papers. In writing on the topic suggested, you will be graded on how you:
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Midterm Paper Assignment topics - HIS/RST 375 Jewish Views...

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