AGB101 agribuisness f97 quiz3

AGB101 agribuisness f97 quiz3 - Fall 1997 AGB 101 Quiz 3 A...

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Unformatted text preview: Fall 1997 AGB 101 Quiz 3 A} l NamU354vil “5" 3. .— I ' Define the following terms (3 pts each): 1. Th F Pr bl . - eLDaJJmmffrrwnC/Drnb" 035+: price Stigma-02w ML mum”?! W M 'm some, isn’t I“ do F’Mdmfi'l'mj Ow’r mtg ,nwar know how and (A produt} W' .Cooperative ‘ ‘ 1 / Markfiu‘wfl Cooper-crimes Mp to wan PflCfib W [OW 2" “PE EWSWWA we’re 0F CL prod/mi (fies Suppl . onservatlon Reserve Program ‘ V WL on OK udmmr » OW mug, Lam m Wthh Vow hum/med MW [915%. 3B5 fiilefl/géflfla amp but dam mm)!in r M "L “For 1 ems. mm 0L bad 40% out-1% Mow 4. Which types of cooperatives help mcreases prices for farmers? Which lower W‘s \c-OStS? thl'ng W I' UDpéan'Nqs Mp ivych \ pricss fior «Caymer W Suppkl W 39mm, DoopéthQS Q {OW 00516 5. What are three things that marketing orders do? flémdvuhse, 1M9, @0de m Sonora} _ *5 Re,ch +141, pad/lid” 34¢ Fajr mm Jr I as has Mime w as Omfifi 00“ r0 9!: Region, Size/0gp mama“ / 6. How do farm programs try to increase prices for farmers? 5d“ :pn'cas Mug, WWW prl'ce, w/ m, [0cm mic, g Hm so“ asirJLL (programs 50 M SLWLV \Nl\\ be, {0W _7’r0\dfl/ [Durham/m 81m, :31 @me Mar/(91‘ priecab boner} Farmer as am énWJ'MI CRP 0,360 a @Sidfi, pr mm Vdu/me‘ Hr Du. M paid {Dz Jaw 3U agmfi m, H q 3 True and False: If you believe the statement is false, correct it so that it is true (2 pts each). a - W" 7. Low prices are the only issue in the farm problem 'hwslio 8. F_ Demand for farm products is very 9. l Cooperatives provide farms the chance to vertically integrate. q- 10. __ Farmers gain monopolistic competition and/or oligopoly power by marketing their product" through cooperatives. F Treat _ 11. m programs provxde a prtekecei-l-mg for agricultural goods. 0 Some 12. F AH farm commodities benefit from farm price support programs. .—_.. 1; Small I . 13.__r_ barge farmers receive httle benefit from farm programs. [CO— Or . 4‘ F our/{x ‘RJY' specific. products 01ml! wf 81W PY 14.,_____ Cmperativesmfiammmmwgmrgfimymd Werewolf. r]; Conservalfm Reserve, 903mm 15. Mariam are voluntary programs. F 01me 16. Target prices are set helewthe loan rate. not 615 Pm ‘1“de 17. (F Farmers who participate in set-aside programs will take their good land out of production first. ...
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This homework help was uploaded on 02/13/2008 for the course AGB 101 taught by Professor Staff during the Fall '01 term at Cal Poly.

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AGB101 agribuisness f97 quiz3 - Fall 1997 AGB 101 Quiz 3 A...

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