Essay 1 - The game simulates competitiveness between the...

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Justin Vita Marketing Problems TH 9:30 – 10:45 Dr. Kim The Advantages of the Marketing Game In Marketing Problems this semester, we will be getting into small groups and forming organizations on which we are evaluated. To make these evaluations, we will be playing a game based on marketing. There will be no text books used for this class. Instead, we will base our classroom performance on how well our company does. After searching for the marketing game on-line, I found that many schools use this game as a way for students to get an idea of the way the real world operates. It starts off with each group member working together in an effort to come up with the best marketing plan for their company. After this, they submit their marketing plan as they would in the real world. After this, the group runs the marketing simulation in an effort to see if they are successful with their plan. Finally, the members look over the results to see where their strengths and weaknesses are.
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Unformatted text preview: The game simulates competitiveness between the groups, as if they were competing firms in the real world. Since there is no right answer to every situation given, groups can explore different opportunities in an effort to make their company succeed. I feel this is a positive since it gives the group members the opportunity to be creative in how they will turn profit for their company. Overall I feel that the marketing game is better than just using a textbook for the Marketing Problems class. With just suing the textbook, everything would be just too cut and dry and not allow the students to be creative. Instead, using the game throughout the semester enables us, the students, to think outside the box and try to operate a company as if we were the ones in charge. I feel this gives us a great insight to the real world and what it will be like to be part of a marketing campaign some day....
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Essay 1 - The game simulates competitiveness between the...

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