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hw1 - context that is barely sufficient to help a person...

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10 information is made up compiled data that is in sentence or paragraph form. 2)The transcript given to a prospective employer is information. It tells the employer background information and data about me. It would include past job credentials, grape point averages from colleges, and other useful data that would help decide job placement. If I gave the transcript to my dog it was just be a piece of paper. The dog would tear the transcript apart. The information is what the recipient takes out of it. Information for one person doesn’t necessarily apply for another. 3) information is knowledge and data that is expressed in an orderly and meaningful
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Unformatted text preview: context that is barely sufficient to help a person made decisions 4)Information Technology refers to the products, inventions, methods, and standards used for producing information. While information is the data that is gathered up to help people make decisions. Information technology uses the information that the people in the industry compile to form ways to express information. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to have information, just ways to express the information....
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