essay 1 - Ho 1 Matthew Ho English 1105 Stephen Mooney 10...

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Figure 1, Daft Punk Single release album of “Harder, better, Faster, Stronger”, 2001 Ho 1 Matthew Ho English 1105 Stephen Mooney 10 September 2007 The Modern Day Reliance on Music If I was a complete failure, and did not have a clue about whether or not I could just commit suicide I would defiantly listen to the song “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”. This song encourages the listener to put more effort into whatever is trying to be accomplished. The message is obvious, do everything harder, better, faster, and stronger than your adversary, and it can be applied to anything; sports, school, business work, etc. Figure 1, shown on the right, is the single release album “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”. It has been used in a car commercial where the car is being built from the tires up, and the famous artist Kanye West has recently made a remix of the 6 year old song. When I hear the song being played I start to chuckle because most people don’t know where the song originated from, but since it’s being used as background music for a song by Kanye it has become very popular. The Daft Punk song makes me think of all the failures I’ve had, whether it’s being cut from a sports team or failing tests in school, and it lets me
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Ho 2 think that I can do better if I just apply myself. It sounds cheesy and unrealistic, but I’m highly influenced by the media so when I watch or hear something on T.V. or the radio I get ‘brainwashed’ for a couple of weeks with the new wave of information that’s passing through my brain. For me personally, the over all objective of music is to make one think of the past mistakes and to motivate one’s mind to make changes for the future. One of the main reasons why I hate listening to the radio and the T.V. is because all of the songs get over played. I swear I’ll hear “Soulja Boy” and “What I’ve Done” twenty times before I get out of the car. I also believe that music is supposed to be searched for and found independently. All artists and bands started off small, so finding
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essay 1 - Ho 1 Matthew Ho English 1105 Stephen Mooney 10...

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