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VDAY comp101 - Wadsworth 1 Renee Wadsworth Composition...

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Wadsworth 1 Renee Wadsworth Composition 101.16 Dr. Battaglia February 18, 2008 Happy Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day is a holiday surrounded by the idea of love. But that is truly all that love is, an idea. Millions of cards are created and sent on this holiday trying to explain and capture an image of love. How does one find the perfect Valentine’s Day card? Some different things that might come into consideration are: whom the card is for, what type of relationship you have with the recipient, and how you want to portray this idea of love to them. I feel that the card I chose portrays how I feel about the idea of love. “Walking the paths of life together, I pledge my heart to you, in smooth or rough days, in joyful or hard times, and for living all of the beautiful moments of life to the fullest. Happy Valentine’s Day”
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Wadsworth 2 The picture on the cover of the card is a couple running arm in arm, along the white-sanded beach, in the same joyful stride. They are looking at each other with wide, matching grins. The image that is displayed on the inside of card is a man in a Hawaiian styled shirt holding
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VDAY comp101 - Wadsworth 1 Renee Wadsworth Composition...

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