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Haitham Mellouli Chapter 4 Summary Adiabatic Temperature changes Saturated air is needed as part of the formula to generate condensation. Air saturation occurs either through adding more vapor to the air or when the air is cooled to its dew point. A process called adiabatic temperature changes helps with the latter by generating heat when air is compressed or cooling the air when it expands. Air generally expands as it is higher in the atmosphere and compresses when it is lower. Processes That Lift Air Air has tendency to resist movement. There are 4 ways air lifts up to expand and eventually cool to its dew point: - Oceanic Lifting: air is forced to rise over a mountainous barrier. - Frontal Wedging: warmer and less dense air is forced over cooler and denser air. - Convergence: Horizontal air flow pile up results in upwards movement. - Localized Convective: unequal heating causes localized pockets of air to rise. Critical Weather maker: Atmospheric Stability The stability of the atmosphere causes difference of size and density of condensation. Stable air resists vertical Movement. Unstable air is air that rises because it is less dense than its surrounding air. There are different types of stability: - Absolute stability: prevails when the environmental lapse rate is less than the wet adiabatic rate the most stable conditions happen when air temp increases with altitude. - Absolute instability: the opposite of the above. Occurs on the warmest months and on clear days. - Conditional Instability: stable with unsaturated air parcels. Unstable with saturated air parcels. Stability and daily Weather
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Chapter_4_Summary - Haitham Mellouli Chapter 4 Summary...

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