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1 Spring 2007 / Geog 102: World Regional Geography Final Exam Study Guide Thursday, May 10 12:00-2:00 The essay part of the final exam will focus on three regions (Europe, East Asia and Southeast Asia) and will ask you to compare and contrast these regions to other regions in the world. The final exam will also include 50 multiple choice questions chosen from all of the past online quizzes. Europe What are the major environmental problems faced by European countries? Compare and contrast Europe’s environmental problems with those of another region. What are the sources of acid rain and what are its effects? Which areas in Europe have been heavily affected by acid rain? Why is there more public support for strong environmental regulations in Europe than in the United States? What physical geographic factors contribute to the relatively mild climate of Europe in spite of its high latitudes? What are some of the potential impacts of global warming to Europe? What kinds of activities or policies have been implemented in Europe to control the effects of global warming? More than two thirds of the population in Europe and Latin America live in urban areas. Explain why there is such a high level of urbanization in each region. What are the similarities and differences in the physical design of their urban systems? Europe is characterized by a negative rate of natural increase.
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FinalExamStudyGuide - Spring 2007 Geog 102 World Regional...

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