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Unformatted text preview: KANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF GEOGRAPHY GEOG100: WORLD REGIONAL GEOGRAPHY Spring 2008 Reference #: 13090 Professor: Max Lu ([email protected]) Class: 11:30 am - 12:45pm, TU, Seaton 063 Office: Seaton 117 Office Hours: 4:00 pm - 5:00pm TU or by appointment Phone: 532-3413 INTRODUCTION The world is changing, and changing fast. Never has the world become so integrated , interconnected and interdependent . Our life is inevitably affected by events taking place in distant places. To facilitate communications between people with different cultural background and find solutions to a myriad of local and global problems, an understanding of other cultures and peoples is urgently needed. Geography, as a window on a changing world, plays a unique role in developing a true global perspective and achieving such an understanding. OBJECTIVE OF THE COURSE The objective of this course is twofold. First, it will introduce you to the world = s major regions, places, and peoples. Second, it will help you understand what lies behind all the changes and conflicts we are witnessing today. As you will soon realize, geography is much more than place names and locations. We will study how things such as natural resources, economy, population and culture (e.g., belief systems) differ from one part of the world to another and why they are different. Such knowledge helps us understand the changes that are taking place around the world and untangle the many complicated world issues of today and tomorrow. We will use a geographic perspective to discuss topics such as ¾ why the Soviet Union collapsed...
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This note was uploaded on 04/10/2008 for the course GEOG 100 taught by Professor Deaner during the Spring '08 term at Kansas State University.

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WRGsyllabus_Spring_2008 - KANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY...

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