How to write a lab report

How to write a lab report - Appendix 1 How to Write a...

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How to Write a Laboratory Report Appendix 1
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A-2 Appendix 1: How to Write a Laboratory Report Preparatory Comments The format of scientific writing is more restricted than a short story or novel. Scientists, when reporting their research results to a journal, are not given wide latitude with respect to style, but must follow carefully scripted conventions. Each portion of a lab report (lab summary), has a particular limited purpose. All of the parts integrate into a meaningful whole which precisely reports the results and importance of that research study. A note before you begin. Certain practices are appropriate for a college-level assignment and certain practices are not appropriate. For example, it is expected that reports will be either be typed (word processed) or carefully printed, but not written in longhand. Also, the use of lined note-book paper is not appropriate for a laboratory report as it indicates “work in progress” and not the finished product. Completed reports should be stapled or held in a binder and not handed in “loose” or paper-clipped together. Naturally, poor syntax, atrocious spelling, etc. are also non- acceptable practices for any college-level writing assignment. Researchers in biology communicate the results and significance of their work by publishing articles in professional journals where they will be seen and read by other investigators. Laboratory reports are written in the same general format as journal articles to communicate research in an effective and scientific manner. All laboratory reports should include the following: TITLE The title should indicate what the laboratory report is about. It should be brief, start with a key word, and indicate the nature of the investigation. ABSTRACT In a paragraph or two, explain the objectives of the research, how the experiment was conducted, the findings of the experiment, and finally, the implications and conclusions of the experiment. INTRODUCTION
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How to write a lab report - Appendix 1 How to Write a...

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