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Tyler Livel4 - Each of the three acts gave me a different...

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Tyler Lively Geog. 199 Write Up #3 Full Metal Jacket In the movie Full Metal Jacket , the director Stanley Kubrick separates the movie into three acts. The first act dealt with the overwhelming hardship of boot camp and how it affected the marines going through training. The second act showed how working behind the scenes of a war can make it seem like there is really no war going on, due to the lack of work. Finally the third act dealt with the actual war part. With the separation of three acts during the movie it felt to me like Kubrick wanted to tell three separate stories. During the three acts there were different main characters it seemed like. The first act had Leonard as the main character. The second act had Joker and the third act seemed to deal with Joker and Cowboy.
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Unformatted text preview: Each of the three acts gave me a different view point of how each person dealt with their situation. Whether it was boot camp, the behind the scenes, or even the actual war and killing part, I learned more about them. In conclusion I feel that Kubrick did very well with having three separate stories all rolled into one movie. Since the movie had three parts I feel it gave depth to a movie that is considered a sad movie. If the story was just about how the guys go off to war and die than there would be depth and I feel that this movie would have been viewed in a different way. The three acts were wonderful and I liked how they were tied together....
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Tyler Livel4 - Each of the three acts gave me a different...

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