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Environment Essay - The disappointment will linger...

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I have handled my parents’ divorce by realizing that I will always struggle with the fact that my father abandoned us in 2002. I have been angry, disappointed, and accepting, and dealt with each of these stages by seeking help and comfort from my family and community. I could not see past how my father’s actions tore away at our family and I could only feel the deep wounds inflicted upon us. The feeling of falling apart shattered my confidence. I have learned that I cannot let the negative actions of another take control, even if it is as personal as a father-daughter relationship.
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Unformatted text preview: The disappointment will linger throughout my life; therefore, it is my responsibility to take part in creating a new balance in our family. I accept life without my father, but struggle to not let it define who I am, as every application I complete and event I attend reminds me of his absence. I know that whatever happens, family, community, and my own resilience will sustain me. This process has helped me develop a deeper understanding of human nature. Trust was merely a concept to me, but with time to heal, I have gained greater belief in humanity and myself....
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