Arab-Israeli Conflict Study Guide

Arab-Israeli Conflict Study Guide - Review for Arab-Israeli...

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Unformatted text preview: Review for Arab-Israeli Conflict Midterm 15/10/2007 20:58:00 ← Islam • What is real Islam? (What is thought to be Islam?) o Terrorists Osama bin Laden King of Jordan/ Abdullah 2 nd Moderate Islamic consensus Takfir=Infidel • Term banned Fatwa=religious edict o Truth: there is a whole spectrum of the “real: Islam, but that is widely overlooked. • Pre-Islamic Arabia o Tribal situation Hierarchy Judeo-Christian and Pagan o Mecca is on the trade route Originally center of Pagan deities Habal=moon god • In desert, so colder at night is a good thing o Moon = good • Habal threw Kabaa (black rock that’s important) down at the Akeydah o This legitimizes Pagan gods Good transition for converts to Islam ← Muhammad and Background • Allah=G-d • Muhammad born in 571 AD o Orphaned at age 6 o Raised by his uncle • M. was a caravan driver o M. married his 40 yr. old boss She was older that him They adopted M.’s cousin Ali as a son • M. claimed to be a messenger of G-d o His visions became the Quran One G-d Social Justice o Islamisized Pagan customs ← Religious Background • Old Testament-New Testament-Quran • Everyone-Muslims and Christians-Muslims only ← Important Crusader People • Amarik =Christian leader •...
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Arab-Israeli Conflict Study Guide - Review for Arab-Israeli...

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