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Conflict Resolution Exam

Conflict Resolution Exam - Elizabeth R Katzki Conflict...

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Elizabeth R. Katzki Conflict Resolution Exam Crime and Punishment and Jewish thought come together in order to untangle Raskolnikov’s mind, and in order to explore humanity through Jewish lenses. Raskolnikov does not go through the typical steps of repentance according to Jewish law, but he has a defining moment of change and recognition, which ends his thoughts about his crime being a blunder, and begins his journey of return at the river with Sonya. Chapter two of Crime and Punishment ’s epilogue begins with Raskolnikov’s illness and goes on to say that it was not a physical condition that caused his illness, but rather, his loss of pride. Raskolnikov dismisses his crime as a “blunder” (535, Dostoevsky, Bantam Classics Edition), but realizes that in order to be “at peace” (535), he must “submit to ‘the idiocy’ of a sentence” (535). He is unsatisfied with his level of repentance, and wishes that he “could have blamed himself” (535). Raskolnikov realizes that killing the pawnbroker and Lizaveta was a sin by the law’s standards, but he does not know how to reason with this sin philosophically because he cannot move past his previous associations with alternative philosophical movements that imply that murder is acceptable by “greater” people. Raskolnikov asks self-reflective questions that delve deeply into the meaning of life. He answers these questions with the fact that he cares more about ideas than life. These questions bother him, and do not leave him. He compares himself to great leaders that killed to become who they are, and rationalizes his actions, saying that if he had achieved greatness, he would not have been a criminal. Raskolnikov speaks about the division between him and the other convicts, and does not know how to think about nor
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