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Elizabeth R. Katzki The Matrix 1. The call to Neo is parallel to the call of the Shofar in that both are calls to something higher; to some higher power. Neo is called to the Matrix, and the Jewish people are called to G-d. There are many allusions to the Matrix being similar to G-d, so this makes a lot of sense as an ongoing metaphor. 2. Questions are Judaism, at least for me. I am not certain that there is a G-d, and that is a question that I deal with. The saying that two Jews will have three opinions is reflective of this. We are not so concerned with finding the right answer necessarily, but we are concerned with searching for those answers. As we studied Satan, I realized the role of questioning in Judaism to a higher extent;
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Unformatted text preview: that it is a challenge, and that challenge is the challenge of life. 3. Judaism asks us to probe deeper; and so does Morpheus to Neo. As Jews, we hold onto the spiritual, such as G-d and angels and such, to look farther than the everyday mundane things that blind us. We overlook nature and ignore meaning in order to make life easier, but by acknowledging things with blessings, we actualize the real world. 4. Matrix Morpheus leads Neo out of slavery to the Matrix Trapped in the Matrix There is a force of evil: Pharaoh Huge change in perspective of the world Zion Exodus Moses leads the Jews out of slavery in Egypt Trapped in Egypt There is a force of evil: Mr. Smith Huge change in perspective of the world Israel...
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