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THA Unit 5 - THA Unit 5 Evolution and Biodiversity Question...

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THA Unit 5: Evolution and Biodiversity Question 1: The biological species concept states that a species is made up of individuals who can breed and create offspring who can create their own viable offspring, and so on. A good example of this concept is humans. Humans can procreate with other humans, even if they look different (Asian and Latin). Humans cannot, however, procreate with chimpanzees, even though the two species are closely related. Therefore, we can conclude that humans are in the same species because they can procreate with each other, but humans and chimpanzees are not in the same species, because they cannot create viable offspring, even when put in the same area. This concept is not applicable to extinct species or species that are asexual. It cannot be applied to extinct species because there is no way to tell which individuals bred with whom, because they are all gone and dead. Asexual species, such as bacteria, don not breed sexually, and therefore cannot be categorized by whether they produce viable offspring with another individual. Two alternatives to the biological species concept are ecological species concept and the pluralistic species concept. The ecological species concept states that a species is defined as a group that has the same needs of the environment. A parasite, like the tapeworm has adapted to not have a digestive system, because it doesn’t need one. It therefore has the same needs as other tapeworms; digested food. This concept can categorize asexual species as well, whereas the biological species concept could not. The pluralistic species concept states that a species can be defined by either of the above
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concepts, but does not have to be limited to one. It can be categorized by a combination of the two concepts. This concept includes all of the benefits of these two concepts, but it
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