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APUSH study questions

APUSH study questions - • Jackson gets rid of BUS which...

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Elizabeth Katzki 11/29/05 Study Questions (APUSH) In the years 1824-1840 democracy as a social and economic ideals because more tangible to a broader population because of movement within the United States and the ability and zeal with which the growing electorate spread the democratic spirit and way of life. Arguments: 1) Movement and travel Hotels Canals Roads 2) Larger electorate and spirited Lower qualifications More economic prosperity Style of life is democratic Professional politicking The second party system was a result of economic panics and depressions, which led to different ideas on a better economic policy, consequentially creating deep schisms between the new party “Whigs” and the Democrats. Arguments: 1) Van Buren and his economic ideas Into presidency during depression
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Unformatted text preview: • Jackson gets rid of BUS which causes opinions about party, and economics a. Puts Van Buren in awkward position • Wanted independent sub treasury 2) Whigs for BUS, Democrats against BUS • Schisms In the years 1824-1840, regional differences emerged on a political level more so than in previous years, revealed largely by the nullification crisis, and showed regional beliefs and ideals. Arguments: 1) South against high tariff • Force Bill- Jackson compromises. But South gets the better deal. 2) State rights • South for state rights, North for Federal law • Basis for fighting about slavery later 3) Idea sharing • Travel and hotels made political atmosphere to make politics on everyone’s minds: politics made personal...
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