Biomes Study Guide - more. Shed leaves in the winter. Space...

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Type of Biome Tropical Temperate Polar Limiting Factors Swamp Lots of heat and lots of water Amazon River Can be specialists Less life in them Alaska space Ocean Why live in the ocean? - Physical support - Small range of temperatures - If it freezes, it’s not an ocean any more - Dissolved nutrients are easy to get - Lots of water - Easy to have sex (just spray it all out there) - Low UV (no sunburn) - Waste is easily diluted Why not live in the ocean? - Exposed to all pollutants - Fluctuating population size - Dispersion of young - Hard to stay still Hard to get energy because only the top gets any. Forest Rain Forest Big leaves on tall trees to get the most light Space is the limiting factor here. Combo of sun and water Summer=no limiting factor Winter= no water b/c it’s frozen- water evaporating from leaves, and not getting any
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Unformatted text preview: more. Shed leaves in the winter. Space Mountain Where lots of forests are. Controls climate and all that jazz. Erosion, snow, cold Grassland Savannas Prolonged dry periods and normal rainfall periods Small grass and small trees Big animals A lot of grazing Prairies Bitter cold winters and really hot summers. Grazing Chaparral Small shrubs, CA coast, short Almost desert because so little rain Water doesn’t evaporate quickly Only one quick growing season Different for each type of grassland and herds Migration and heavy rains. Same temp all year round. Desert Hot Most sunlight Saudi Arabia 1.5 inches of rain a year Near the equator Temp= 92-93 avg. (counts nights!) Medium Reno, Nevada Most biomass for a desert Cold Not enough light Not enough water/rain...
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Biomes Study Guide - more. Shed leaves in the winter. Space...

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