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History Review Notes - History Review Notes Essay will from...

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History Review Notes Essay will from a focused time period 50 – 75 multiple choice Court Cases o Marbury v. Madison o Gibbons v. Ogden Contracts o McCulloch v. Maryland o Dartmouth College v. Woodward o Fletcher b. Peck o Wooster v. Georgia People o Alexander Hamilton o Henry Clay o John Marshall o Andrew Jackson and his wife o Trenchard and Gordon Commonwealth men Laid foundation for colonial ideology o Sons of liberty o Ben Franklin Great Awakenings o First Great Awakening o Second Great Awakening Committees of Correspondence 7 years war o Does not lead to creation of a new colony Colonies o Distinctions btw colonies Three regions of colonies New England Religious- protestant Familial Shipping Small scale farming Extractive industries Middle Colonies Blended Nature Larger scale agriculture but smaller than South Blended economy Craft production More familial based than south
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More fluidity Quakers- William Penn South Dispersed settlement pattern High mortality Recreation of English Society Less social Mobility Family was less structured Wars o Pattern of war Century of imperial warfare French successful on land Brits successful on sea William Pitt decides to move war from England and Europe to America o 7 years war/ French and Indian war Albany plan of union Interactions that occur btw. Brits and Colonists Colonists are treated as less than Brits Breaking point in History Begin Neglect had continued up to this point Americans develop disdain
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History Review Notes - History Review Notes Essay will from...

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