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I am a Jewish woman with a diverse cultural background. The Sephardic side of my family left Syria to start a life in Cuba, only to flee Castro’s dictatorship 35 years later. The Ashkenazi side survived the Holocaust. My journey is like those of my forefathers. Exposure to the different sects of Judaism within my family has influenced my beliefs and has fostered a well-rounded appreciation for the depths of Jewish culture. I see my life paralleled in the ethics, passion, struggles, and stories of the Tanach. I embrace the laws, morals, and responsibilities given to me by G-d. The lessons of family, values, promises, faith, and discipline define how I think about the world. Attending a Jewish day school, then a Jewish high school, and teaching and learning at Congregation Emanu-El, have given me the tools to broaden my Jewish perspective.
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Unformatted text preview: The passion of the prophets inspires me and nurtures seeds of Judaism in my soul. I feel so strongly about my religion that I often find myself speaking about G-d and am always working to develop the skills and understanding needed to write a book on Jewish ethics or belief in G-d. The thought of writing about these subjects thrills me and the enthusiasm shines through to my peers, who often refer to me as “Rabbi Liz” a title I will endeavor to attain in the future. I feel most connected with The Song of Songs, from the Ketuvim. It leaves me with an optimistic opinion of life and reflects my manner of living. I live with the future in mind, appreciate the moment, and value the details and minute pleasures in life, just as it describes. The parts of the Tanach to which I feel most connected define who I am....
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