merrimanNotes-15+19(word) - Chapter 15 p 645-58-Bourbons...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 15, p. 645-58-Bourbons return to power in May 1814.-Louis XVIII signs charter making France a constitutional monarchy.-charter recognizes equality before the law and accepts Napoleonic Code.-Catholicism once again becomes national religion.- “missions” in some towns, intended to bring pop. back to traditional values.- 1820, heir to throne Charles, duke of Berry assassinated- duke’s wife pregnant at time of death, new heir born. ←- 1824, Louis XVIII dies- brother of Louis, Charles X takes throne- intransigent Old Regime noble- Chamber of Deputies makes sacrilege a capital offense- very unpopular amongst citizens.- 2 August 1830, Charles X abdicates throne in favor of grandson- Louis-Philippe becomes “king of the French”- tricolor flag replaces white flag- charter of 1814 revised, agreed upon- Orleanist Regime a.k.a. July Monarchy a.k.a. bourgeois monarchy- number of voters doubled- economic growth generated- money put into roads ←- French Revolution of 1830 directly encouraged liberal and nat’l movements in other...
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merrimanNotes-15+19(word) - Chapter 15 p 645-58-Bourbons...

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