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My Music Concert Report

My Music Concert Report - Rohan Shah 1388839 Music 101...

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Rohan Shah 1388839 Music 101 Concert Report #1 Eun Sun Lee: Violinist Strauss and Mendelssohn Compositions The afternoon of Friday, February 15, 2008, I attended my first classical concert ever. I wasn’t expecting much, just a relaxing concert that I could use to take my time off my grades, my commitments, and at the same time, get credit for my Introduction to Music course. Little did I know, I was surprised with a night of excitement and magic, which re-lit my interest in all the styles of music. To my enjoyment, the concert I attended didn’t make me fall asleep, or loose intrest; instead it kept me at the edge of my seat in fascination of the amazing talent and brilliance of the composition and performance together. My first introductions into the world of music were at an early age, when I began classical piano. Unfortunately, my piano teacher was second rate at best, holding me back from my potential, and eventually I left the lessons, finding them boring and dry. A year later, at the age of 7, I began teaching myself, learning the things I wanted to learn.
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