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Biology 265L Pre-Lab Assignment For: Lab 7: Optimal Foraging Theory Please answer the following questions. Keep answers brief & to the point—most should only need about 2 sentences. DO NOT copy answers verbatim from the lab manual . The goal of these assignments is to make sure you’ve read through and thought about the lab before coming to class. (Ask your TA for tips on answering questions as well as what criteria will be used to grade your responses.) 1. What is a functional response?
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Unformatted text preview: What kind of functional response does the Lotka-Volterra model assume? 2. What are three assumptions of Optimal Foraging Theory? 3. Describe why the behavior of oystercatchers is an example of animals foraging optimally. 4. In our lab exercises, how do adults and juveniles forage differently?. 5. In the foraging experiment described on page 7-6 & 7-7, why is it ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL that all the food items in your various gut cups be returned to the tin from which they came?...
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