IT371 f07 exam2

IT371 f07 exam2 - 7k IT 371 Cowen Exam #2 100 points 1....

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Unformatted text preview: 7k IT 371 Cowen Exam #2 100 points 1. List and explain the two classifications of “Overruns.” Illustrate each with an example 9 that was not discussed in class or in the text. (5 points) a Crgegi n3 avg”; rum! mac} 1a {Wei 2 olepe nets 0 h plug {'0 Clouj PM, on, COMPOMVIOK over time to add up. Example 1‘; .. I . ‘ . - £49.41. !. e" uLI/Iexpeviemeg‘l {WI/910 a: _ pe~ .m 3; .._Pi ._ EEOL Sticjm'rflmnt climax) occurs chgfs er +19: evemh‘me float-1* +h€ error/a oauvs E'wuvala: (110% WQW’IPWLjfd Mam mares Cemem comma wandth . A A -'l~ r e 1L O .. 2. Perform a risk analysis/ time buffer calculation for a process of your ch01ce- othert an S 6 n h “(a 0L \Ll'i'finemvhat was demonstrated in class or in the text. Include all of the elements of IPM table 8— land at least6tasks. (10 points) 9611ny . e £- miQ M _ WI Y Contribution IriSK‘h‘jF i I - F c 0 I“ ’2- ' “Heating 1 D 4 D L )0 / 0 05 ‘ ' 0 ’ 3F .7. pref Hoar ‘ ‘7 7’ I? I 6 . b F 5 ‘lCic' Ubt‘l Hit: l9 3 D 2— 50/6 0- I 3 'p ' ' ‘ - c . 0 e» SF a tow: WC 10 c?) t? 3 20 /. a I 5 NH Dir‘j 19 5 D 2 up“ 0 I Zr ‘5: a; 'l'OULChi/LP W .29 i 57. 0:09 b\ 8 3. When the execution of a project results in Slgni 1cant y greater costs than the proposed project budget allows, what options does the project manager have? List three potential courses of action and explain the positive or negative consequences of each. (5 points) —% The WHOY‘S 91M V‘OWE We cw‘r gramme Expec—tuh‘ang or 1000er Mmdqet. ‘_ ‘ l. EerenoL pvv' €C+ fimetme +0 mature wars 2‘ not SMIH fire quah’r Pomsrole 1% fine ij'ec—t M1585 ism-jar. , 1 2.. Consul-t at professimmt tor mom: on What foam. No neqam 3. Com/mm Sponsor +0 up We wudgc+= The pmj‘em‘ wit ojor done econ fr, WLH WM lam/e. eponsor em Mermaid. 4. Explain what takes place during the “Project Plan Review.” What adjustment method will not work and why? (5 points) F’er GC’r (Mom a finished 6mm CMH is reviewed lot/j spams) "’ G'val Stakeholders. ij 95+ Jan/um, rl'sicamlnjsa‘s, {resource visage, Cost,— stJr at“ We presemcofi implant-out. one adjms—WMEM met/140d Wm Mort Wortc, UM; Mme. Wwi 005% Wi’finbthr lowering .arpedaflanfi. Q / the EEOC webpage, and your own judgment as your guide, ' what 'ou learned from i I 5. usmg y at must be considered in dealing With a problem employee. list and discuss three issues th (5 points) ‘ ‘ _ I - I. Make sure bjC-M do not CMSCV‘m‘I’W‘e.wfm‘st, See J ewmouee,or gout WM} we. {In at 19+ “T WW ‘ EEOC sHe Fay 1rs~r 0+ types of drschmmahpn. 2. that: We {owe eta-F0er wUlL—EOC (7) to KNOW DUI/ICU” W)“ (~5ng (an/4— ojo abou+ -+’he prolach gem/14710966. ‘27. Consider outside Mirror Hie emptoflbee, sail/1 as i/htdimh‘on. Tim‘s rs metered lag We e‘OC. 6. When is a service perceived to be of exceptional quahty? Present and briefly explain an example not discussed in class or the text of a service with which you have experienced exceptional quality. (5 points) _ _ _ I ~_ E¥(€pfiphaf q Wwiflly rfgl/l 1+5 EV) e KpEffc’i’f't 0V! 3 0{ re U“:ng PM trade JOt’g +01% Obi [govt when govt aflé'ClC opt-l , it LJ'C’L rout-ml e-VE-vnjmrmg OK. I scu‘oL mo, and 0L mom/raga» +00; WW1 6181036 +0 See what He was I, couldh’l find. [+th inf, WOULOL ()lrclev l‘i' ‘FD!’ ma cpl/16.1 (all me [f4 m6 Know. .1. also {(0-1 +0 (rim/W out 19+.0L Wctr‘ct1f;0up0n~ For 1 WWW «ti/16m Know This {Weed (a .1. C ‘ 7. Referencing the American Society foi Quality website, please cliggge and‘bge y eigpfang . one useful “Quality Tool” other than those presented in class or in the text. (5 points) ' “A ~ n . . , W‘OI’H'i‘Or ewe/MAM Mm as ath (Mao-(+0 We 01 Mm'fij‘ lolewli'fl‘és imam U posgl'me («a/uses gram 4 91CF€C+ 0r melem 6‘wa sow/+75 (aims {an cat warms. Visuals Cam be helped! in seeing (ceases 04 waMWSR Could be used Con-Hmm Hg. . Including info from their website, explain the purpose of ISO certification and why a 8 company would want to be ISO certified. (5 points) a K A y 5 150 err-l: .fiemewbata , . v- I ~ .1 v a was I '-.:.= n. ‘ ‘ r J ‘fiafeoem Slat; (tVdS‘ 0h P * .4 . .1 h I r or sue-fflfflfllalé MN ' “all”??? ents r twawct‘s, jérl/‘MéS, mamarfimenr; 5H6: WI'H héfp got/L camera/e WS‘im’nc’r th's Fafh‘on WA Cohfini-Utl imprpveménJras we”. . Describe the concept of “Extreme Planning.” What are the potential benefits and caveats ‘ of implementing this process? (5 points) _ ' Exheme plantain ” suggests planning Wi‘flwgholflt 319‘pr 57+, mH- J'ms+ 014 1/2ti wing i which {‘5 “haw-i {Hunt-ti. 77“? WIN“ ‘ ref—‘er rm chcwqr‘mr] realr‘HN 0F pWJM-ts‘, Wat’r hermit“ meter/mots {gr/10rd. Benefits are CLthre Hamish}: plcchcg' more Clccoro‘tle f-fm'fih ale-Hm . g PHfi‘HS WM “(Haida Gun MWji/tj “sponsor! who watt/HS “Hm [dam plmng up an+é Kesr'S-tct'qce Twww kart/t Vhenwbe Y5 who are, mm “9”,va prided" piecing torn/Icy Maine‘H/Hls a Ww, 15. Citing Kristin’s article, what is involved in creating a “Code of Ethics.” (5 points) a (by; etmplvtjees in 1/01 v6 (L in Creah‘ma 1+. 5 “Can/imamfwtie code, +o ammonia _ -—matl/£ Wire id Cuifil/IS W'Hn. lolAQan’SJ goats ~ 011+ Smkehowcevfi guppart wmma twig ——+€s+ ill, +79 sec: 1‘? - it {3 effect—we ‘— Wwdlflj ML if“ mewssaig 16. Drawing from the info in Jeffery’s article and your own conscience, comment on the statement “In the world of business, ethics is bullshit.” Include reference to a real—world professional scenario that was not discussed in class. (10 points) i welieve 44AM 3W+€rt48m+ raga-’13“ Wue {in mam: ‘ qcmipccmr’s. Tine 0‘59ch Mime Ccmyi’any is FWH . mexrmiz-i‘mc 4/102 lootitvm Lime. When ('+ cox/meg don 40 Jams, v3. e-Fhi‘cs/ l +’i/HY?1C we, lcnow “who will Wm m motley M555, (fl/trams ls J‘vtsrt‘ md+ V014 PVPt/iiaf' Djf-f- l HAN”th 37+ will berm/inc mare POPchir, W evemd’t/lcili‘d rim-Jail h be what/hiya], Fer exampte, WA Map? (Wripamg ample-plat (“05+ of? a V ‘iT’MS bVUVKfV‘E-J OLVlo’l‘thE (competing “(affinity (WatgA ‘/ tfchmwjg +0 ‘Wlkf labor Wheres-sag, QHAI'r-s would came ‘fe'cgfifihg tovvaam (s wquld fine acct workers, because Hm: ‘j‘j VVlll “(ELL/[(2 LII/5+5 pirmma‘fitqllg , e-Hn (QI Co W1 i‘éJ W +3. 3 41V 8 S -- n . , . - . Dime, Mos or LFQLHC Y‘IeJL/U’ In .3, 'iorii‘iL’S l7. Wlth reference to Knstin Lendvay’s ariicle aliout Disney, comment on the? sigiiificancg of y ml 3 , what they have done. How does Disney’s commitment effect their supply chains? Are there other companies that are positioned to make similar changes? Should they? (10 0L points) Wi/IOL‘I' Dist/tag Vic/U planet} Wfig' 0”“ again; 41463 lam/z S~€+ oL mew Standawi 1%" ameV'Mlin‘merfl' WW QH/H'CS é heaHt’Lij P0001. l Man/11c 4441‘s will IoéhPFz'Jr Dffihctj tremendouslgt (Hwy Simu'ial/ r”(?t’I/ipcct’){«€j' cu'll mow +v "Follow! +0 or «we +0 (compete Wm 05qu [ "HAN/MC r'+ vull mee 64. Wu ihCWS-h/y SMMCU'CL‘ swat W/tt'r'i‘er. Six r-Iccqs, Universal 9+“ah‘osfl €+€- will lam/e +0 ‘fOHOL/v.» —v Their (’é‘mml'i’rmeme M065 GH'PH' Wit” s‘mpphjcmm flag/g wows—t (301+ (if-1F +1‘PS i—o Min heatihtj 3mpPL-r'em' (Such (“AS McDomcitclr) Cut/id form Vela'h‘am! W'HA Mew one; Hpmimg fowl oflm rec; MINE more fTé’ShhtSfi "We-urn Pactcézji Sum/fibrerfi as we“. m I an Dig'wnhj mm ...
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This homework help was uploaded on 02/13/2008 for the course IT 371 taught by Professor Cowen during the Fall '07 term at Cal Poly.

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IT371 f07 exam2 - 7k IT 371 Cowen Exam #2 100 points 1....

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