A#13 - ω c H as simple as you can This means pole-zero...

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Assignment #13 ECSE-2410 Signals & Systems - Fall 2006 Fri 10/27/06 Read Section 6.5. Also feel free to use anything you know about Laplace transform to solve these problems, if it’s appropriate. 1(10). Text 6.9 2(20). Text 6.15 3(10). Text 6.19 4(30). Text 6.32(a). Make the compensator frequency response,
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Unformatted text preview: ( ) ω c H , as simple as you can. This means pole-zero cancellation of terms is permissible. There are many possible solutions. Verify that your design meets the given specs in the problem. 5(30). Text 6.56. You need only consider straight-line Bode magnitude plots. Neglect the phase plots....
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