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Chapter 20 The Diversity of Protists Vocabulary algae amoeba cilia diatom dinoflagellate euglenid flagellum Giardia phytoplankton plasmodium protist protozoa pseudopod Things to Know (Table 20-1 will help with many of these questions on protists.) 1. Which group of protists is photosynthetic and has a silica shell? 2. What happens when a dinoflagellate population explosion occurs? 3. The subgroup of protists that swims with cilia are called_______.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Giant kelps and many other seaweeds are members of the ___________ subgroup of protists. 5. Amoebas (or lobose amoebas) are a subgroup of protists that use __________ for locomotion. 6. Which group of protists has members that are the closest relative of land plants? 7. What is the major ecological role played by phytoplankton? 8. Which parasitic, nonmotile protistan is the infectious agent involved in malaria?...
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