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Chapter 31 Homeostasis and the Organization of the Animal Body Vocabulary adipose tissue blood bone cardiac muscle cartilage collagen connective tissue dermis ectotherm endocrine gland endotherm epidermis epithelial tissue exocrine gland glial cells hair follicle homeostasis ligament lymph membrane negative feedback nerve tissue neuron organ organ system positive feedback skeletal muscle smooth muscle tendon tissue Things to Know 1. The internal condition of the animal body is a dynamic constancy. What maintains this constancy? 2. In the negative feedback system that controls body temperature in humans, what are the proper names for the sensor, the control center and the effector(s)?
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Unformatted text preview: 3. You should know some examples of positive feedback. 4. You should know the organizational hierarchy of the multi-celled animal body. 5. You should know some examples of epithelial tissue and where it is found. 6. You should know the functions of all of the connective tissues printed in bold type on pp.641-642. 7. What special feature does muscle tissue have? 8. Nerve tissue also has a special feature. What is it and what two types of cells is nerve tissue composed of? 9. You should be able to describe the structure of the mammalian skin, a representative organ....
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