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Chapter 44 Plant Responses to the Environment Vocabulary abscisic acid apical dominance auxin biological clock cytokinin day-neutral plant ethylene florigen gibberellin gravitropism hormone long-night plant phototropism phytochrome plant hormone senescence short-night plant thigmotropism Things to know: 1. Fill in the chart below with the name of the hormone involved in controlling each life cycle event. Life cycle event Hormone(s) Maintains seed dormancy Promotes germination Shoot grows upward (negative gravitropism and positive phototropism)
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Unformatted text preview: Root grows downward (positive gravitropism) Root and stem branching Apical dominance Development of fruit and seed Fruit ripening Senescence Bud dormancy 2. What affect does auxin have on cell elongation in stems? In roots? 3. How does a plant sense gravity? 4. What environmental cue regulates flowering in many temperate zone plants? 5. What are the 2 things a plant needs to measure darkness? 6. What is the light detecting system in plants? 7. How do plants “summon body guards” and “warn their neighbors”?...
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