psc103 s01 midterm2

psc103 s01 midterm2 - 4 Describe how the Sierras were...

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Unformatted text preview: 4. Describe how the Sierras were formed“! Of the four types of mountains. which type are they? no’ :‘2/ . m Uj.‘ , ace) were 52?)" Mtfifi\ beau/1% (D r m "@1136le “5h. W5: {3 Wed/min W ' \' F—é, \YJthatgphMe, ’45 was we Paiinbc-K {MW/“mm ‘b, 5. Why are sediments from the shallow coastal sea floor on the top of the coastal range here behind Cal Poly? .GPFOLLA¢3-€% m 0'? +6f/q4fiS HM: (signer W§§ _ \db Part": 04’— '(jcrn'hM/t'ha on QCKSGCPAFF Cm’nvémeVs ._%fmtlaz— JV) New Griffin 5' t ‘5’; 6. What are indicator fossils. and why are they important to us? ? :L‘OCMCQAlDf --£Gs;,c_)\"é‘43 0(6' QQQAC)‘ \\('\0\ a a spectQic hm go JANA Wm fieobos‘igfli-Qniod Wm M useMwa Jl7) £1,9th CDA'i' ' C/alLll’lg IQ w€ Clic‘m‘t Madamse tztc‘MvaJtO/ @2337} we M;gj/47L [26+ Know (NM/1 OHM mil-I35 (am a @‘er/ {pp/(“43g Wt U‘éQ i‘F-(“g‘i’g’gflf ‘i‘véé’e 2W M/ +hi'hjt3czrounci burrk’A' 5F haw” lav W IE/‘CIKHQW ‘30:”“47/ I 10. What are the three classes of sea floor sediments we studied and where do they come from? Indicate in what region of the ocean each would dominate. I are :9va C0ra\ Meg-‘3 , are Emma Germ \QOPrvm/flow 09W cam (0X40, 3'14 Arnhean 0. Ion fiw Jive» gag 1 Ci) Wagswfld Wf‘r’wfihke 39%; M0?“ J.” \% Wm“ M \ eva Wflka Ome\ WW. {5 0K 33%;? RWQW. (on—RJAX— \“Q‘C’A‘. “359 1’7 QUJFCX kael “(figtg’g/Ma—bw l 1. Where do the deep waters that fill our oceans come from and why? r"’—_~. l WSCCN—tti @m m Archc and m “Mafia, beCu‘mree. MM UNA wkf 6‘: C00\ eneJ-wclhx'i-t Edam/+5 +0 Met/Were g” “A”? MW 2 warm or m name-C, chu ,. (Tier /\ (I j / Maw “Wt-Hr/ [2. Why do the tides 519511 in cifc’égWCEJ/Miqfie oceans rather than staying put as the Earth spins beneath them? @06011-(56 of HM ppm-MW 0%.- Muer/ aest‘tlahon / "\Yamsla'hbn i Sap—me»? ‘5, @‘MJLZa/‘Q Pam’s" 34869:; ":31"? We? “6’3: 4Mth whim WV r 0‘” par 6'” E} £73,, A Short answer essay questions. (4 points apiece) Feel free to use sketches if you think it helpful. _ 1. Below are listed the planets in order of increasing distance from the Sun. Fill in the blank boxes. giving the appmximate size (diameter) of each planet in terms of the Earth’s diameter. and the distance from the Sun in terms of astronomical units (i.e., distance from Earth to Sun). 2. How do shield volcanoes differ from other volcanic types, and why do they have that name? jut—m volroncfifi d<$Cer 9mm owa‘ Whom“: bétfld‘ugé-W‘3 die gmoosrhfg‘ “AIWAMCLUQ a glmclcl nke Chamckw‘sha 2'6/ Parepccimple {in lxwk Swab UOWOIAOGCD / \oa‘éltke or warrt'arrs ghee,ch / 3. What are the three features of a magma that determine the nature of an eruption, and how is each relevant? CD Tanqgcwa'hjf‘e ff) Oifykalmre Macao/la Wad ch34€erfxtgfp flue flanUre cl:- an PvuPhon Wfawfid $341er WkMoemerd Cotme al-dt$%m#-m%reea cinch ltcme_ch‘10,p€,m+ Mawm‘g fig (:r UKQRW$\@ 6&th is ‘HN" max—l £6Q’f0féL ‘H’HS 5S how W. Mammal SJD'CJCJ’D I4 (dad-6:; *2) RIM}? Wr'augye ' {P H 5 ‘ Cad inowsh Silica will 915:): 7‘0ng WWW W’ld [AW/ea More or? Q lfiAKCVVJQ— GYMrQ—HW‘ Defat-«ffu-edtf wr‘H flak? lOflrotf’f gr l” JG) bLOWrGD Dl‘ESOWFCl 0249ng 5.5 {dew/)4 béfiaetx_;¢,cer+afv3 flagefi C\\\$€0h)u€_ 90m +WL linear; (C‘C k iiW‘jmot 0A C\\1'QC€-’€/“l (370 due +0 +LQ 43mperal—ure and W3? C\\€>«§0\JPC( 9438.; will (@900. I. ‘l'DF-QCM O‘I’W/v '\ ...
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psc103 s01 midterm2 - 4 Describe how the Sierras were...

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