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Chapter 43 Plant Reproduction and Development Vocabulary alternation of generations anther carpel complete flower cotyledon dormancy double fertilization egg cell endosperm fertilization filament flower fruit gametophyte generative cell germinate incomplete flower megaspore microspore ovary ovule petal pollen grain pollination seed seed coat sepal spore sporophyte stamen stigma style tube cell zygote Things to know: 1. You should understand the alternation of generations life cycle of a flowering plant (Fig. 43-4). What are the two types of spores? What do we call the male gametophytes? Where does the
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Unformatted text preview: embryo develop? 2. You should know the structure of a complete flower (Fig. 43-5). 3. Distinguish between pollination and fertilization. 4. What flower structure develops into the seed? What is the function of the seed? 5. What flower structure develops into the fruit? What is the function of the fruit? 6. What are the 3 most common requirements to break seed dormancy? 7. You should be familiar with some of the adaptations angiosperms have for pollination and seed dispersal....
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