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Chapter 34 Nutrition and Digestion Vocabulary absorption amylase bile body mass index calorie Calorie chyme colon digestion digestive system epiglottis essential amino acid essential fatty acid feces gallbladder lacteal large intestine liver microvillus mineral mouth nutrient nutrition pancreas pancreatic juice peristalsis pharynx pyloric sphincter rectum small intestine stomach villi vitamin Things to know: 1. List the 6 major categories of nutrients. 2. What is the essential fatty acid required by humans? 3. How many essential amino acids do humans require and where do we get them? 4. You should remember that humans do not manufacture minerals and vitamins (except Vitamin
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Unformatted text preview: D) and therefore must obtain them in their diet. 5. The Food Guide Pyramid has been a useful tool to assist consumers in foods and nutrition. New 2005 Dietary recommendations no longer use this exact pyramid. Check out the new recommendations at 6. What are the 5 tasks of the digestive system? 7. You should be able to trace the path of food through the human digestive system and know what happens in each organ. 8. You should know the sources and functions of the following secretions: saliva, hydrochloric acid, pepsinogen, bile, pancreatic juice. 9. What are two systems that control digestion?...
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