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Chapter 33 Respiration Vocabulary alveoli bronchi bronchiole bulk flow conducting portion diaphragm exhalation gas-exchange portion Heimlich maneuver hemoglobin inhalation larynx lung pharynx respiratory center trachea vocal cords Things to know: 1. How does breathing support cellular respiration? 2. Study figure 33-2 and know where bulk flow and diffusion are used in the gas exchange process. 3. Trace the flow of air into the lungs. List all the structures air passes through in
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Unformatted text preview: the correct order. 4. How does the structure of the alveoli enhance gas exchange? 5. How is oxygen transported in the blood? 6. How is carbon dioxide transported in the blood? 7. Describe the mechanics of inhalation and exhalation. 8. What information does the respiratory center use to regulate your breathing rate? 9. What are the harmful compounds in tobacco smoke? 10. You should know the immediate and long-term impacts of tobacco smoke on the respiratory system....
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