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Chap22_2008 - characteristics are used to place fungi into...

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Chapter 22 The Diversity of Fungi Vocabulary asci ascomycete basidia basidiomycete chitin chytrids club fungus hyphae lichen mycelium mycorrhizae sac fungus spore symbiosis zygospore zygomycete Things to know: 1. What is the fungal body composed of? 2. How do fungi obtain nutrients? 3. You should know the 4 phyla of fungi (Table 22-1, general names) and what
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Unformatted text preview: characteristics are used to place fungi into the groups. 4. What two groups of organisms live symbiotically to form lichens? 5. Of what benefit are mycorrhizal fungi to plants? How does this symbiotic relationship benefit the fungus? 6. List 3 negative ways fungi affect humans. 7. List 3 positive ways fungi affect humans....
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