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Chapter 21 The Diversity of Plants Vocabulary alternation of generations angiosperm bryophyte conifer cuticle flower fruit gametophyte gymnosperm lignin ovule pollen seed sporophyte stomata vascular vessel zygote Things to know: 1. Alternation of generations life cycle: What are the 2 generations? How does each reproduce? 2. Which organisms are the closest relatives to plants? What evidence do we have of this evolutionary relationship? 3. What are the structures and processes that adapt plants for life on land?
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Unformatted text preview: 4. What is the difference between a vascular plant and a nonvascular plant? 5. You should understand Figure 21-2 which shows the evolutionary tree of some major plant groups and the characteristics that separate the groups. 6. What 3 groups of plants make up the present day “seedless vascular plants”? 7. What are the advantages of pollen and seeds? 8. What adaptations have contributed to the huge success of angiosperms and why?...
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