Chap27_2008 - barnacles? 7. You should be able to describe...

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Chapter 27 Community Interactions Vocabulary camouflage climax community coevolution commensalism community competition competitive exclusion principle disturbance ecological niche interspecific competition intertidal zone intraspecific competition invasive species keystone species mimicry mutualism parasite pioneer primary succession resource partitioning secondary succession startle coloration succession symbiosis warning coloration Things to know: 1. A community is the _____ or living component of an ecosystem. 2. Study Table 27-1. 3. Why is interspecific competition harmful to both species involved? 4. Describe Gause’s experiment that demonstrates the competitive exclusion principle. 5. MacArthur showed that when two species with similar requirements coexist, the harmful effects of competition are reduced due to _____________. 6. What effects of interspecific competition did J. Connell observe in his experiments with
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Unformatted text preview: barnacles? 7. You should be able to describe the evolutionary adaptations of predator and prey described on pp.543-546. 8. How is a parasite different from a predator? 9. Read the Scientific Inquiry section on p. 549 and be able to describe the mutualism between ants and acacias. 10. Succession is preceded by ________. 11. Which of the following are examples of primary succession and which are examples of secondary succession? Eruption of Mt. Kilauea in Hawaii Eruption of Mt. St. Helens in Washington Forest fires in Yellowstone National Park Isle Royale, Michigan Abandoned farm land 12. Be sure and read the sections on exotic species (Case Study and EarthWatch). You should understand how exotic species can impact communities and affect community interactions....
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Chap27_2008 - barnacles? 7. You should be able to describe...

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