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Unformatted text preview: /l:fg’.b T’s/13W 2. A 1 fl _ ”ulC '7' ' "'—"" / 7 _ 501-01 Oceanography Fall 2000 MIDTERM #2 Name W Please write the appropriate word or words in the blank on the left. 9(- Ca 0 1. What would be the chemical formula for calcium chloride, the salt made from calcium (Ca2+) and . . chlorine (Cl')? ' 5- / l 0 fl 2. The Earth is about years old. K __fl_e}/_-j_+f¢_____ 3. In general, organisms living in __ (oceanic, neritic) regions would tend to be smaller. *- Camc 6a! l S 4. Diatoms, coccolithophores, and dinoflagellates belong to what kingdom? Mam—— 5. You belong to the kingdom of animals (Animalia). What 213m do you belong to? E I l A 6 The long helical protein molecules that contain all the information needed to run a cell's activities, and which can reproduce themselves. are called— 7 The deepest regions of the oceanic trench make up the__ biozone. nit: {Q 121 l; 8—9. The "swimmers" are called _ and the "drifters" are called __ E W £210 # fifflgfifl 10. Which element is the most abundant in the Universe? I fix! ’ ”b 11. Which element is the m most abundant in the Universe? j" {H m4 M 12. Which element is the most abundant in the m crust? j t I an nQL l E i 3 13. Divergent plate boundaries are marked by what feature on the ocean floor? #7 tl’:M5 n 14. The San Andreas fault marks a __plate boundary. in M 15. A flat shallow portion of the continental margin that extends outward from the coast typically several tens of kilometers IS called the continental_ M. 16. At the outer edge of the feature of the above question, is a rather steeply sloping region of the ocean floor that actually marks where the real continent ends and the ocean begins. This region is l t . called the continental __ l 17. The Atlantic Ocean is about how many years old? \. < fl;@ '2') .4 A (/ 18. 0f the various plates of the lithosphere, San Luis Obispo is on the ___ plate. C F2 Mg t Z! 19. Which ocean has the majority of the trenches? K 1 Bug Q; 20. In which ocean is the Bering Straits? Q! i D \. l 21. A type of coral reef that grows upward on a volcano that is slowly sinking and has sunk below the ocean '8 surface is called a(n)_ $22. A portion of the oceanic ridge system presently runs through which continent? L.\ WEQQ H (2&23- 26% Whatarethemunes of efour categories of sediments basedontheir source? \OTD \AN Muguglgygg/S % MQAQXICOUS )\ t2 S Q %A( S f D; 2 §Z1 Which of these four types of sediments is found mostly on the continental margins? W3. Which of these four types of sediments is found everywhere but dominates nowhere? K. W 29. Which of these four types of sediments tends to form the thickest deposits? :- W—ol. Water __ (expands, contracts, stays the same volume) when it freezes. W62. The cmges in salinity m the ocean are caused mostly by variations of which comment entof sea water? )3 M63. The concentration of dissolved nitrate varies with depth' in a fashion similar to that of which dissolved gas? _ lg 95 Li 64-66. What wars are the "ices" which we talk about in astronomy and which are the major precursory materials for the formation of planetary atmospheres and oceans? (50%. m NH W7. Compared to Mars and Venus. Earth 3 atmosphere rs notabl ”3' n which gas? 68. Compared to Mars and Venus, the Earth's atmosphere has much more of which gas? 69. The above gas (previous question) was put there by _. 70. The _(coarser, medium grained, finer) sediments tend to be richer in organic matter. % 71. A typical salinity for sea water is.__ 000 (parts per thousand). W 2. The,,_ is a measure of how fast molecules are moving (i e., wiggling and jiggling). M73 The__ minimum layer' rs due to the metabolism of tiny animals that spend most of their time there. ____Alfl4_a___74. Which of the dissolved salts (or ions) rs the most abundant (by weight) m sea water? Wag um 75. You would expect surface waters to be saltiest where there is heavy __ (precipitation, . vaporalion, ice cover). Y .Light materials that are far to abundant in sea water to be explained by being leached from the g 3 crust are called '77. If the density of a sea water sample is l. 027 grams per cubic centimeter, its sigma—tee (0:) is - [(2% W m 78— A region where there rs rapid variation oftem emturepgg turewith depth (e. g. warm surface waters W changing into cold deeper waters) rs called a W m 79 A region where there rs rapid variation ofsal in: tgmtham depth is called a____ WHEE 80.5mfigcmrentsaredrivenby_ M81. Mcmrents aredrivenbym 82-83. Due to the _ effect, surface currents tend to flow to the ____ of the wind direction in the g [ %] K Northern Hemisphere. ' 84-85. Surface currents are particularly mand___ swift on the_ sides of all oceans in the Northern Hemisphere, and on the_ sides of all oceans in the— Southern Hemisphere. WWIQ {L 1 i ! w, 85—86. Strong equatorial surface currents flow ( which direction) across the oceans near the equator and are driven by the ___winds. #87. Compared to waters 20-30 degrees latitude north or south of the equator the surface waters on the C \0 U equator tend to be _(more, less, equally) salty. & i 88-89. Where warm air is rising. we tend to find _ (clear, cloudy) skies and __ (high, low) 1 : barometric pressures. K M90. Warm rising air tend to be found where surface waters are _.._ (warm. cool, tanperate). M91. Coastal waters tend to be _ (cooler, warmer) compared to those surface waters farther out to 863. ‘ . Submarine canyons are carved by the flow of __ _. J 65:38 a 9.5.... a... 3.33 a. a x93... . 33 EB“ maid... warning 8:39 ”£3 3 a 5 .« ago:— vfi 550mg €33 has 8 .wfl 1m hug . cm .3. mm .m5 9 .NS 3 43 S 65 .v d: w w: m: .b: mg .0: n .m: a .1: and: mm d: .8 4: mm 6: mi: 2 $2 o 53 on .02 .2 .m2 ma .2: 3 .m9 3 do“ mu 2: an 69 em do .w .3 my .3 on .8 m .3 mm .3 b .8 3% 365.3 .8 8.80 .8 as: .8 32.336 dawn $2 .5 03b $ E38... .ficécuoo $8 by...» a 833.8 «5.83 a. 8.332.? R .E. BEBE $85 .9... nova—03.6 .mb 05.63.. .3... guano .m... ohsflomau. .9... £46 .r... 88.. .9... 35% do guano .wo aciomcuosac .5 fiaoaamdfifluauoaau .093 3.56% .mo Eaton: .ne 839.vo Egon—Bo Bubéaofinngmaw Blewméénuaumaoo BEE .oofim 1.0m “no: 522.? w dm .8: £52... .mm saw: .mm 83.3% is... .Eém E8 .2. as... 3%.... a. 808 .5. 303:5 .3 Biomgo .9“. 0.88 .3. 055.03 .m¢ Agog—ommfi aoaamvdowugano .673. 29:0 .3?“ .393 .3325 .3592— .8558 £02.59 . 5.1m man—m Eur...“ .9... ha Amnoauwofiwon. .Souowouuh: .maouomofi .maoaowoaa .cmfim 333 .2 an... .2 $5838"..— dd 85.... an :9... .3 058m on £3. .2 . :2... fl isfiaman .3 owucofiaofi are S 63.2. .: smear. 2 32.... <29... sfiofiw 332... ¢ oassfi 855 m... .n ~66 . .2. Emmi—E 83 :3. Fanawoqsoo 8.3" amp ...
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