The Analysis of VNTR-15 page lab

The Analysis of VNTR-15 page lab - The Analysis of VNTR's...

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The Analysis of VNTR’s of the pMCT118 gene in Human DNA using PCR Written by Rohan Shah, ID #: 1388839 Instructor: Rebecca Iskow Room # 114 Friday 2:30-5:30 Date: 2/23/08 1
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Materials and Methods The analysis of VNTRs present in a human DNA sample requires the preparation of the human DNA sample. The samples that were examined were epithelial cells, also known as cheek cells. These cells had to be isolated, lysed, and the DNA had to be sterilized, and binded to metal ions to prevent subsequent PCR reactions. This process was done using a Human VNTR Polymorphism Kit, which was provided for both steps of the PCR lab. The first step was to label two clean 1.5 mL tubes and the 15 mL test tube containing the 10 mL saline (0.9% NaCl) solution for the purposes of identification. Once completed, I poured the saline solution into my mouth and vigorously rinsed to acquire epithelial cells for the sample. The saline solution was then expelled into a paper cup, and then carefully poured back into the initial test tube and capped tightly. The test tubes were put into a balanced configuration in a clinical centrifuge and spun for 10 min. After the centrifuge was complete, the supernatant solution was poured out without disturbing the cell pellets at the bottom of the test tube. This process isolated the cell pellets from the remaining solution. Next, the Datatex 100-1000 μL micropipette was set to 500 μL and was used to
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The Analysis of VNTR-15 page lab - The Analysis of VNTR's...

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