REC101 f98 midterm exam

REC101 f98 midterm exam - RECREATION 101 AHDTEHM OCTOBER...

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Unformatted text preview: RECREATION 101 AHDTEHM OCTOBER 20, 1998 BATTERSBY STUDENT’S NAME 25 Pts T-F Multiple Choice 1 9‘ 15 Pts Ffllln 56Pts Essay 60 Total WW“ Grade Section 1: True -- False and Multiple Choice (Scantron) 10. 11 12. 13. 14. Play is generally structured and disciplined. (T-F) Leisure can be a state of mind as well as a period of time. (T-F) The YMCA is an example of a Agency. A. Private C. Quasi Public B. Public D. Local The Catharsis Theory is considered the reason that most people play. (T—F) Personal and Social competence along with vocational skill are necessary to become successful adults. (T-F) The Compensatory Theory helps people adjust unpleasant situations. (T-F) Lack of Knowledge about where to Participate is a constraint. B. Facilities D. None of the Above A. Accessibility C. Social Isolation Quasi Public agencies are generally financed by taxes and membership dues. (T-F) A good example of a private leisure agency is. A. McPhees Bowling Alley C. Kennedy Fitness E. S.L.O. County Club B. The Inn at Morro Bay D. Santa Margarita Lake Commercial Agencies are generally governed by B. Professionals and Volunteers D. Stockholders and Public A. Owners and Boards C. Participants and Boards T2111]: Hgic}:§stflndividualist approach is basically engaging in Recreation for its own 5 e. - Major program areas of Leisure service do not include. B. Tennis D. Music and Dance A. Skydiving C. Parties E. None of the Above The first step in developing a Leisure Philosophy is to set attainable goals. (T—F) Retail oulets are considered Recreation. B. Commercial D. Global A. Public C. Private ...
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This homework help was uploaded on 02/13/2008 for the course REC 100 taught by Professor Battersby during the Fall '98 term at Cal Poly.

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REC101 f98 midterm exam - RECREATION 101 AHDTEHM OCTOBER...

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