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Recursive : function that calls itself – unfinished calls “pile up” until a value is passed, then “unwinds” String : series of characters String Literal : string constants, sequence of characters enclosed in “ ” String Variables : one-dimensional array of characters Parameter – variables and types of stated in function header , “dummy names” Argument – actual value that is passed into the function Pointer variable : stores an address, pointing to objects of certain type Referenced type : pointer variable point only to objects of same particular type alias null character : marks the end of a string, “ \0 ” ≠ “0” command-line arguments : program parameters main(int argc, char *argv[]) “argument count”: # of command-line arguments “argument vector”: an array of pointers to command-line arguments NULL pointer : argv[argc] special pointer that points to nothing Extern : variable defined in program elsewhere declares w/o defining, doesn’t allocate space
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