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(12)Study Guide- Ch. 5 -Physical Properties of Water (2-22-08) Section 5.8 1) Explain how heat is transmitted into and through sea water through conduction, convection and solar radiation. -through conduction: heat is transferred molecularly when a warmer body of water contacts a cooler body, or when a cooler body of water contacts a warmer body -through convection: a circulatory motion of water transmits heat through the water as the lighter, warmer water rises, and the heavier, colder water sinks -through solar radiation: uppermost layers of the ocean are heated by absorbing the incoming solar rays (mainly in the form of visible light) 2) Understand the electromagnetic spectrum. -electromagnetic spectrum: the range of all possible electromagnetic radiation -visible light that is narrowed down to a segment of the complete EMR 3) What is meant by “visible” radiation? -visible radiation: the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that is visible to (can be detected by) the human eye “Infrared” radiation? -infrared radiation:
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Stacey_Guide_12 - (12)Study Guide-Ch 5-Physical Properties...

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