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ECE 2500 Homework 1 Fall 2007 Computer Organization and Architecture Homework 1: Installation of SPIM + Review of 2504 Assigned on: 8/22/07 Solutions due before: Friday August 31 st , 5:00PM Total points possible: 10 points How to solve this (and other) homeworks You need to turn in your homework through the course webpage (Blackboard) with the digital dropbox feature (tools->digital dropbox). The homework must be turned in BEFORE the deadline indicated on top of this page. The timestamp recorded by the digital dropbox will be used as verification. Thus, the latest possible timestamp for this homework is Friday, August 31, 2007, 5:00PM. Keep in mind that late assignments receive a grade of zero points! When the homework consists of a single file (such as this homework), then this file MUST be called SID _hw NUM .***. For example, if your VT.edu ID is jsmith then the file for this homework (homework 1) will be called: jsmith_hw1 .txt or jsmith_hw1.doc When the homework consists of multiple files (for example, a program and a text
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