thermo-review - Thermodynamics Thermodynamic Definitions...

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Thermodynamics Thermodynamic Definitions System — Bounded region uniquely identified by us for our convenience. Specification of the boundary is crucial. Environment — Everything outside the system. Closed system — No mass exchange. Open system — Mass exchange across the system boundary. Isolated system — No interactions with the environment. Property — Observable characteristic of the system. Path — How change occurs in the system. Cycle — A set of paths for processes that return to the initial state. Heat, Q — Thermal energy transfer across a system boundary due to a temperature difference. Work, W — Energy transfer across a system boundary whose sole effect could be the raising or lowering of a weight. Isothermal — Constant temperature process Adiabatic — Q = 0 process or no heat transfer Thermodynamics - 1
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1 st Law of Thermodynamics: Closed Systems Conservation of energy for a closed system: W Q ) mV 2 1 mgz U ( 2 = + + Q = Q in = Net heat added to the system W = W out = Net work done by the system All terms have energy units (J)
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thermo-review - Thermodynamics Thermodynamic Definitions...

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