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Solutions to example problems (Sorry it’s a little messy, but I only had about 45 minutes to write this up) 1) At a glance, we see that the two current sources both send all of their current through the 5k resistor, so the total current is 2 amps, so the voltage is 10 kilovolts. 2) Consider what would happen if the current source were not there, then we’d have a balanced wheatstone bridge. Thus V would be zero in that case. If we add a dependent current source based on that voltage, then we know that V being zero is still the solution. 3) Since we have to find the behavior of several loads, we should first find the Thevenin equivalent. Solving, we get that V_oc=8V, I_sc=40 mA, and R_th=200 ohms. a. Thus for the 200 ohm resistor, I_out is 20 mA. b. For the 1800 ohm resistor, I_out is 4 mA c. For the capacitor, I_out is 0 d. For the inductor, I_out is 40 ma e. For the ideal diode, I_out is 40 ma f. For the device with a piecewise I-V characteristic, we first assume that it is in the V positive state. This gives us I_out=10 ma. We then verify that our assumption is correct. Doing this, we find that the voltage across the strange device is 8V, which is consistent with our guess. 9) We know that, for a diode, current increases with temperature. This increase in current will lead to a further increase in temperature. Thus, one diode will keep taking more and more of the current until it almost completely dominates the current flow. This process is known as “thermal runaway”. This process also occurs, for example, in microwave cooking (hot food generally absorbs microwaves better) 10) The first thing to realize is that we’re going to have two guesses-one for the diode
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Example_Problem_Solution2 - Solutions to example...

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